How does it work?

HIIT GYM is a fitness programme designed around the science of EPOC.  By monitoring your efforts with our 5 zone heart rate system we can make sure you are always working out to your correct intensity and motivate you if you are not.   Our workouts are different every day and consist of 20 minutes of High Intensity Interval Training followed by cardio elements to help burn fat and increase your fitness.  After each session you are emailed your results, to ensure your metabolism is fired up and you see increases in your energy the goal is to spend at least 20 minutes in the orange zone.

Do I need to be super fit?

No not at all, our heart rate monitoring system ensures you are at your correct intensity.  Your personal trainer keeps a close eye on you not just intensity but also your exercise technique.  Whilst your trainer is there to encourage you to push yourself so you always get better they are not there to kill you!

How do I book a free week trial ?

All online and really simple, click on your location, online store and select free week trial.  The system will guide you through to set up your account.  When you are ready click on the tab HIIT classes and your free week will start from your first session.  The team will know it is your first session with us and so help you get set up and find out more about what you are looking to achieve.

How soon will i see results?

If you aim for 2-3 sessions a week you should start to see a difference in about 4 weeks.  Every studio is equipped with the latest IN BODY which measures your lean muscle and body fat %.  This is a great tool for you to monitor your progress rather than being focused on weight loss which often results in lean muscle loss - hence many put more weight back on when crash dieting.

Do you have showers and changing rooms?

Yes every studio is designed for easy and fast access, so you are in - workout - out.  If you have to get ready for work or a date with have private shower and changing facilitates. 


How do I book my sessions?

You can book all sessions via our online booking system or click on the app buttons to download your studios app, this will make it quicker and easier.

How much is it?

All memberships are offered on a no contract basis, we ask for a 3 month commit just so you stick with it and see the results you were looking for.  We are aimed at being better than a personal trainer but at less that a quarter of the price! Memberships are based on the number of workouts you will be attending and start from £39 per month, we also offer a number of pay as you go sessions which start from just £10 per session.  All prices are shown on your studios booking system under the online store tab.